LSTC offers the following solution pricing complete with  LS-DYNA’s, fully integrated, strongly coupled, solvers for extensive multiphysics capabilities.
  At no additional cost, LSTC delivers LS-DYNA with LS-OPT, LS-PrePost, LS-TaSC, and the LSTC ATD, & barrier models.
    Annual, Paid Up, Monthly, Site Licenses available contact 925-449-2500. or your local distributor
    A no fee,  demo license is available for
LS-DYNA w/LS-OPT, LS-PrePost, LS-TaSC, & LSTC ATD/Barrier models -

1.  Commercial core Pricing:  Per Core pricing model.
     Run as many  jobs as you like up to the amount
     of cores purchased.

2.  Commercial Job Pricing:  Per job pricing model.
     The number of JOB licenses is the number of
      simultaneous JOBS allowed in execution.
3.  Educational for your dept: 
      Department License 500 cores.
4.  Learning Version: 12 - 6 or 3 months
          One core   10,000 Elements
          Two cores 20,000 Elements